Minutes of Recent Meetings


There were 58 members present plus Councillors Steve Dugan, Kay Mandry and Pal Hayre.  Apologies had been received from a number of members.

1. Co Chair’s Opening Remarks

Co Chair Peter Wason (PW) welcomed all present to the first ‘face to face’ meeting of the Association for more than two years.


2. Record of ‘virtual’ Annual General Meeting held in February 2021

There were no questions on the record; Jane Mackenzie proposed and Caroline Knight seconded the adoption of the record; carried unanimously.


3. Matters Arising. There were none.


4. Co Chairs’ Report

PW presented the Co Chairs’ report on behalf of Pamela Charlwood (PC) and himself.  The report had been circulated prior to the meeting.  He referred to the positive feedback on the regular emailed Updates; the work of the committee in scrutinising and, where appropriate, commenting on planning applications.  It was apparent that issues arising from parking had been less intense than in the previous year but careful monitoring was still required.  The IFA2 was now fully operational, with no adverse issues arising. HHRA was represented on the Daedalus consultation committee by Peter Turner.  The association also continued to take a close interest in the issue of water quality and the performance of Southern Water.

HHRA had been delighted to learn of the Grade II listing of Haven Cottage by Historic England in January: PC paid tribute to members John Lewthwaite and Lynne Murray and to Geoffrey Murray, who had used their knowledge and expertise to research and assemble the application.  The project had taken a vast amount of time, which had paid off.  HHRA, supported by Cllr Hayre, was now trying to encourage Hampshire County Council to meet and discuss future uses and ways in which funding might be secured.

PW thanked David Dawson Taylor who had been HHRA webmaster for many years before standing down in 2021.  The Association was very grateful to Richard Taylor who had taken over as webmaster: the new website on www.hhra.org.uk was commended to members.

PW thanked all committee members, including Lynne Sproson who had stood down as Treasurer during the year. He reflected on how well the joint role between himself and PC had worked during the year.  He also thanked Councillors Dugan, Mandry and Hayre for their commitment to Hill Head.


5. Treasurer’s Report

Carol Gill, who had taken over as Treasurer in November 2021, presented the accounts for the year, which had been circulated prior to the meeting.  They had been independently examined by Fiona Fulton. They showed an excess of income over expenditure of £436.11 for the year and a balance of £2,650.91. The opportunity had been taken to fund the hosting of the new website for three years as that was cheaper than three one year payments.   Carol had made considerable efforts to find a bank which would provide an account which would allow members to pay their subscriptions by standing order or online bank transfer, so far without success: she would continue the search.

There were no questions and it was proposed by Martin Percival and seconded by Lesley Oddie that the accounts be adopted; carried unanimously.


6. Appointment of Independent Examiner

It was proposed by Mike Williams and seconded by Audrey Ray that Fiona Fulton be appointed as Independent Examiner for the accounts for 2022; carried unanimously.


7. Election of Committee for the coming year

Current Co Chairs Peter Wason and Pamela Charlwood confirmed they were willing to stand for a further year and Pamela Charlwood was willing to continue as Membership Secretary. This was proposed by Jo Newson, seconded by Richard Astbury and carried unanimously.

All committee members were willing to stand for a further year, with Carol Gill and Andrea Titcombe willing to be elected as full members from their previous co-opted status.  It was proposed by Meg Sutton Coulson, seconded by Charlie Read and passed unanimously that Carol Gill, Colin Hardy, Peter Harper, Andrea Titcombe and Peter Turner be elected; carried unanimously.


8. Councillors’ Updates

Updates from the councillors had been circulated prior to the meeting; they had been deliberately short in view of the Q & A session which would follow.


9. Date of next meeting

The provisional date for the next open meeting was Monday 13 June at 8pm.


10. Any other business

PW reminded members of the local donation collection points for Ukrainian refugees. He also referred to websites for those wishing to make cash donations.

There was no other business and PW declared the AGM closed, handing over to PC for the Q & A session with councillors.

On completion of the Q & A session, PC thanked the councillors for their frank responses and members for their questions.

PW endorsed PC’s thanks to the councillors. He also thanked everyone for attending our first normal meeting for over two years; then declared the meeting closed.

PC 15 March 2022

HHRA Annual General Meeting 7 March 2022 - Councillors’ Qs and As




Status of Fareham Local Plan. FBC Steve Dugan: The Local Plan is now being examined by the Government inspector and various residents’ and other groups will be speaking during the enquiry. The report and adoption is expected later in the year. Plan currently provides 4.3 years of the required 5-year housing land supply (5YHLS); that gives advantage to developers who can claim legitimacy for applications outside nominated areas; some developers try to claim that the figure is lower than 4.3.


Safeguarding of Strategic Gaps. FBC Steve Dugan : Assurances cannot be given at present until the plan has been adopted; there is no defined size for strategic gaps. Pal Hayre reported from a meeting with Local Government Secretary Michael Gove that he is in principle against building in strategic gaps and wishes to see emphasis on brown field sites.


Why has Fareham not reached the 5-year number? (Member’s supplementary question.) FBC Steve Dugan: Fareham believes, and the latest figures support this, that the population prediction is now less than the current assumption, formulated in 2014, but Government is currently still working with the 2014 figures.


Future of Salterns wild part. FBC Kay Mandry: It is shown as for sale on Government’s website as it is surplus to requirement. FBC has a 25-year lease from 2005; is currently speaking with Government about purchase at the end of the lease. Member comment: the maintenance contractors do a good job.


Status of waste land by Daedalus Control Tower. FBC Kay Mandry: Owned by Homes England, intentions not yet clear; will continue to investigate and report.


Status of  Welborne. (Member’s supplementary question) Steve Dugan: FBC promised not to start until money for Junction 10 was secured; that is now achieved so building will start as soon as accesses can be provided. The current Local Plan shows 1100 homes up to 2036; remainder [c 5,000] will be in subsequent Plan (s).

Parking and Road Safety.

Can speed bumps be installed in Salterns and Hove To car parks to deter late-night racers as in Lee? FBC Kay Mandry: Staff not aware of any complaints. To complain, contact Mr Rickman at FBC. Racers also go to Lee regardless of the bumps and regard them as a challenge. Cost is also a significant factor and would need to be justified by complaints. Member’s supplementary question: Could gates not be installed and closed at night? That would introduce complications including manpower cost. Member’s supplementary question: Why not install security cameras? The Police did visit with cameras one night and sent warning letters. Police could be asked again but only if residents can gather sufficient evidence of a problem, with photographs, number plates and any other evidence. Post Meeting Note from HHRA: If you are disturbed by racers then do call the police on 101 immediately; with our Police so busy it is unlikely to receive an immediate response, but at least will build up a case history which may eventually lead to action.


What has been the income from new parking charges (expected net income predicted to be £900k* pa)? FBC Kay Mandry:  Charges have not yet been in place for a full year; August – January income for Hill Head was £91k; Portchester charges not yet commenced. HHRA Post Meeting Note: Daytime parking charges have now commenced in Fareham High Street


What steps can be taken to enforce restrictions on overnighting in car parks? FBC Steve Dugan: Enforcement officers do carry out random evening/early morning visits and may check vehicles’ before-and-after wheel positions but there is little evidence so far of domestic vehicles remaining overnight. Again such incidents should be reported immediately to Mr Rickman’s office. Supplementary question: Could a small number of spaces be designated for overnighting? Legal restrictions are now firmly in place so it is no longer possible to consider that. Post Meeting Note: Reply from FBC officers to Cllr Dugan’s earlier enquiry: “We have no direct evidence from our normal patrol patterns that Camper Vans are staying overnight in Meon Shore or Hove To car parks; this includes our early morning visits three times a week to check the machines are working correctly.” Cllr Dugan asked the Enforcement Officers again the morning following the AGM and again all said no direct evidence of this has been seen recently: “We will continue to Patrol the car parks and check that vehicles are not overstaying the maximum 12 hours permitted or sleeping camping overnight.” “Permit holders can park in Hove To for 14 days which includes overnight with a valid permit on display.[Already known by HHRA members]”

Can a TRO be introduced to prevent overnighting on Cliff Road? (One or two have remained for nearly 3 months.) HCC Pal Hayre: She had received several complaints. Long-term on-road parking is not illegal for a properly insured, tested and taxed vehicle; nevertheless she had pressed HCC to consider a TRO, but Hampshire Highways staff had said that there was no evidence of safety issues and there was also the issue of the cost of the TRO and erecting signs. Some while ago when she had met with the highways officer regarding the impact of coastal car park charges she was told that the area would be monitored. A petition to HCC might be a way forward. Member comment: Yellow lines were on the landward side; on the seaward side there were no yellow lines but some vehicles had parked improperly by not being in the direction of the traffic flow yet not showing lights overnight. Cllr Hayre undertook to ask Hampshire Highways for an on-site meeting.

In Bells Lane by the church, can yellow lines be introduced for safety reasons? HCC Pal Hayre: She had again pressed Hampshire Highways, but staff responded that they had received no reports of accidents and believed that on the contrary parked vehicles served to slow down the traffic. Some time ago the church had offered to make its car park available for parents dropping off and picking up children using the recreation ground but the offer had not been taken up. She would ask the church leaders again and if they were still willing she would ask local schools to remind parents.

Meon Bridge – regular damage and safety concerns, overgrowing reeds obstructing driver sightlines. [Note; Meon Bridge is not in Hill Head but is of concern to many Hill Head residents.] HCC Pal Hayre: She had spoken with Hampshire Highways who reported that some years ago they had offered to erect a sign on Cliff Road but HHRA had declined. The bridge structure was currently being inspected by divers. There had been a question as to whether the reeds were the landowner’s responsibility but she wondered if Hampshire Highways had some responsibility and would investigate. Post meeting Notes: 1. Cllr Hayre has since gained further information from HCC that over the past two years the cost of repairs to Meon Bridge was some £8,000 of which much had been recovered from drivers who had caused the damage. 2. As Meon Bridge is in Titchfield division not Crofton, HHRA has since also been in touch with the Titchfield county councillor who is also pursuing the matter.

Introduce 20mph speed limits on some roads? HCC Pal Hayre: A working group has been established to examine this question. She will write to the group suggesting roads in Hill Head that might be considered. Member comment: Salterns Road would be a prime case.

When will Daedalus Drive roundabout be opened? FBC Kay Mandry: It was likely to remain closed until the adjacent housing development had completed, when it would be adopted. Member comment: When Daedalus drive was fully opened to Stubbington Lane, Salterns Road could become even busier.

Pedestrian Safety.

Old Street and at the top of Giblet Ore, Cliff Road. HCC Pal Hayre: She had enquired with Hampshire Highways but again there had been no reports of incidents, so there were no immediate plans. Unfortunately at present the County Council does not hold funds to deliver improvements; however, Cliff Road has been included in the secondary network of the draft Fareham Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), which includes improvements to the Hill Head and Cliff Roads junction. Recommendations include signage and cycle markings to prevent overtaking of cyclists and marked cycle lanes through the junction. The LCWIP will target resources to secure future funding for key components of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure such as these, from HCC, FBC and the Local Development Plan. Member comment: The state of some pavements was very poor. Cllr Hayre undertook to take the matter up again with Hampshire Highways.



Urgently needed repairs to Cliff Road promenade. FBC Steve Dugan: That is the responsibility of the Coastal Partnership and will require substantial capital investment. Post Meeting Note: Officer’s reply to Cllr Dugan’s subsequent enquiry: “My understanding is that the repairs and upgrade to the promenade was undertaken by the coastal Partnership as it forms part of the sea defences on FBC land.” Cllr Dugan: I have spoken with officers, and they will liaise with the Partnership to determine land ownership and potential to undertake the scale of work suggested. I will come back to you when we have an update. Needless to say, it is not something that can be actioned quickly and would require significant capital investment.


Dogs off lead on Salterns Promenade – most signs are at pavement height and some are so detailed and in such small type which gives transgressing dog owners an excuse not to have seen them.   FBC Kay Mandry: Placing signs on poles had been discounted because of potential hazard to cyclists. However there were clear signs on poles at each end. She will investigate to possibility of addressing the difficult-to-read signs. She recalled one incident when an enforcement officer had issued a fixed penalty.

Dog poo on Cliff Road promenade has increased markedly; injurious interaction between dogs and birdlife; a significant factor is that there is no requirement there for dogs to be on leads. FBC Kay Mandry: There is a current FBC Consultation on Responsible Dog Ownership; she encouraged residents to have their say via FBC’s web site.

Waste Management/Recycling.

 Future expansion plans. HCC Steve Dugan: A new Government bill was about to be issued; it is expected to include roadside collection of glass waste plus other improvements. HCC Pal Hayre: HCC takes recycling very seriously and is constantly looking to increase the scope.

Post Meeting Note: Cllr Dugan will also look at the need for greater bin capacity on Salterns Promenade at Queenie’s teapot and The Wheelhouse, either with higher-capacity bins or possibly by minor re-siting from less-intensive points.


Local Government Boundary Commission Consultation. FBC Steve Dugan: The Boundary Commission is currently examining whether there should be any boundary changes in order to balance constituent numbers and address needs for more logical grouping. There would be no changes in the Parliamentary boundaries between Fareham and Gosport, so Stubbington and Hill Head will remain in the Gosport Constituency. Residents may be interested in the consultation on FBC’s website about local government boundaries, particular that between Stubbington and Hill Head. It was likely that the number of Fareham councillors would increase by one, mainly due to the development of a new ward for Welborne.


PW 11 March 2022