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Public Meeting on Plan to Build 1250 Homes south of Longfield Avenue.

As you know, Suella Braverman and Caroline Dinenage held a meeting with local residents on 22 July. Our councillors were present and Peter Wason represented HHRA. Unsurprisingly, not one there was in favour of the development and the MPs' strong concerns about the impacts upon our green space, the Fareham - Stubbington strategic gap and on our local infrastructure were echoed by many who spoke.

One aspect that stimulated considerable discussion was that it was thought that the Office for National Statistics was in process of amending the predicted future UK population figures, but this time downwards. PW raised what was obviously the critical factor - if there was any possibility of consequential reduction in home-building numbers handed down to Fareham, would any new figures be published in time before Fareham had to deal with the planning application(s)?

After further discussion, the MPs undertook, with unanimous agreement, to "Call In" this situation, which means that they will ask for urgent and personal review by the Secretary of State.

The situation seems far from clear and there is little room for optimism. However "Calling in" is a very substantial action and we can only await the outcome. We will of course keep you updated with any new information on this sensitive issue.

20 mph Speed Limit Consultation. Hampshire County Council is inviting views on highway safety including 20mph speed limits. The consultation is open until 11 September and can be found at https://www.hants.gov.uk/transport/transportschemes/20mph-speed-limits-consultation .

Runway Lighting at Daedalus Airfield. Fareham Borough Council is preparing to submit a planning application to install runway lights, to help aircraft land safely during periods of poor visibility ie in the dark or during bad weather. There is still time for comments. We understand that the main intention is to facilitate winter operations in similar hours to those in summer, rather than any plan to extend to late-night flying. However you may wish to comment from a local resident's perspective that this new capability should never be permitted at some later date to extend operations into night flying. As a Fareham council tax payer you may also be interested as to how long it is estimated before the cost, understood to be around £1M, will have been recovered. For more details and to comment, see the Fareham Borough Council website.

Local Surgeries. Should anyone wish to keep informed about what is going on with their surgeries generally, or keep up to date with eg Covid advice, then Stubbington Surgery publishes a quarterly newsletter which can be found on its website - https://www.stubbingtonmedical.co.uk/pages/Practice-News ; the July newsletter from Jubilee Surgery, Titchfield, is attached.

Missed Medical Appointments. You may be interested in the following numbers from Stubbington Medical Practice. Face to face appointments in June - 1993; telephone appointments - 1928; missed appointments - 69. We have been asked to remind members, friends, neighbours gently about the need to let their surgery know ASAP if they find they are not able to attend so that the appointment can be given to someone else in need. We are told that other local surgeries experience similar numbers of missed appointments.

Seafront Bins. We are pleased to report that another bin has been provided in Salterns Car Park - adjacent to The Wheelhouse / toilets.

England Coast Path. Some will have already noticed that further wooden signs have been erected showing the Hill Head part of the England Coast Path. There are now similar signs along a 37 km stretch of the Hampshire coast showing improved public access.

Precise location in Emergencies. The Police have reminded us of the free What3Words app that can help them and the other emergency services to know exactly where the emergency is. It can be downloaded at https://what3words.com/emergency-preparedness . For information about using What3Words visit https://what3words.com/news/emergency/three-words-for-a-faster-emergency-response .


The bad guys have now turned to WhatsApp: a message, often beginning with "Hello Mum" or "Hello Dad", saying that they are texting from a new mobile number as theirs was lost / damaged etc, then asking for money. As with all texts and emails, telephone calls and doorstep calls, stop and think before making any response; then if in any doubt whatsoever check via a known legitimate number, email address or website.

Other recent ones - "We have a surprise for Dyson Vacuum customers...". Yes, you probably do! "Your Offer is waiting" - Tesco....... Oh yes?? "Internet Security - Prot_ect_Your Pc_ToDay" .

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Proposal to Erect a Telecommunication Mast. Our councillors have drawn our attention to a planning application to erect a telecommunication mast on the grass bank at the junction of Hill Head Road and Crofton Lane. We are appalled at this proposal, which would constitute nothing less than an act of sheer vandalism to an attractive and valued local amenity. To gauge what the impact would be, do take a look at the mast and associated cabinets outside The Crofton pub and imagine one like that slap in the middle of that pretty corner of our neighbourhood. We understand that telecommunications companies have a right to erect such masts, but wonder if such a remotely-located organisation has examined all of the various local siting options to identify where they would have the least adverse impact on communities. Our councillors have already raised their objections and have asked us to urge our members to send in their comments. Naturally HHRA is objecting very strongly, but an HHRA submission, though usually influential, officially counts as one only and so we do urge our members to add their own - as many as possible please. Details, plus guide as to how to submit a comment, can be found on the FBC website at Planning Applications - search for P/22/0937/PA. Do look at our and our councillors' comments and submit your own - we need as many comments as possible to stand the best chance of influencing the decision. Please also bring this to the attention of your neighbours.

The Great Sewer Project. The major remedial work to the Knights Bank/Old Street sewer will start this Thursday and Friday, with digging down being carried out at the pumping station. The work to install the steel fused lining will commence on Monday 18 July. This will entail the all too familiar tankers in Knights Bank Road, taking over the work of the sewer, plus contractors’ vehicles. The road will not be closed, but please assume it will be very full and access will not be easy. A winch machine will be in the drive of 23 Old Street. Jason Masters’ estimate of duration is 6 – 10 working days: it depends on whether, despite earlier use of ground penetrating radar, any hitches occur on the route between Knights Bank Road and Old Street – we hope residents in Little Gays do not receive an ominous knock on the door…. New valves were installed at the pumping station earlier this month so in theory, by the end of the month, all bases will have been covered.

Vandalism at Salterns Car Park. As some will already have noticed, a week ago 18 of the wooden posts installed to keep vehicles off the grass have been cut off. The culprit has not yet been identified, but it must have taken quite a time to cut them all, so if anyone saw any suspicious activity no doubt the Council would be interested to know; if you did see something but want to remain anonymous, then you could perhaps contact us in confidence via our email address above.

Update on thefts from Cliff Road beach huts. We reported in the last Update the thefts carried out at 21 beach huts below Cliff Road on the night of 26/27 June. Some excellent sleuthing by beach hut owners and co-operation from Hill Head Sailing Club revealed on their CCTV a number of vehicles in the car park during the night and tyre tracks were visible outside the huts; the broken finger post almost certainly resulted from being hit by one of the vehicles. The CCTV footage has been shared with the police, although sadly light levels were not good enough for registration numbers or faces to be seen.

Shellfish gathering. We know how frustrating we all find it when large scale gathering of shellfish occurs. We reported in the 27 June Update what was discussed at the CAT meeting and below is a note arising from a conversation one of our members had with Environmental Health at FBC, which reminds us and adds to what has previously been circulated:

A group of 3 men or a family of 5 with a bucket each is certainly legal and often culturally important. There is no contamination closure in place so it’s apparently fine from a health and safety point of view (although it’s not clear how responsive and frequent the environmental monitoring system is). Southern IFCA manage the byelaws and there may be seasonal closures in place for certain species so it depends on what’s in their bucket as well as its minimum size. There are also commercial licences in place and they should have their permits which you can request to see.

The real concern is large groups of adults. This should be reported to the GLAA (Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority) and the police.

As we have previously confirmed, car details can be useful for both police on 101 or FBC on 01329 236100 or 07770 227155 out of hours, but we know some members have been very disappointed at the lack of interest and response from both agencies.

Village Poppies. Although we do not normally include advertisements or invitations to join activity groups, we are sure that you will agree that this one is an exception. A group is being formed to decorate the village and particularly the War Memorial during November with handmade poppies. They are inviting anyone who is interested and can knit, sew or crochet to join them. The next meeting will be on 18 July, then 1 and 18 August. Poppy packs are available for collection or delivery and contain the necessary items. More details on 07479 839115.

Local Archaeology In the 17 May Update, we provided a ‘trailer’ of one of the topics which will feature in our 5 September open meeting, namely the Rainbow Bar. For those interested in the history of this area, there will be interesting archaeological exhibits on display and activities in the Visitor Centre, starting shortly, for the latter part of July. Do drop in.

Scams. " Survey registration - Confirmation needed....TALKTALK FOR EVRERYONE " . "Total Protection....Mca-ffe....Subscription has expired." . "Tesco Deals....You have been selected...." None of these are as convincing as some we have seen lately.

A member also recently reminded us of the need to be wary of cold calling tradesmen who ‘happen to be in the area’ and wonder if you might like them to do a job for you that had never before occurred to you as being necessary. Do always pause for thought and take up references.

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Break ins, thefts and vandalism. During the night of 26 – 27 June, 21 beach huts below Cliff Road were broken into and items of value were stolen. The beach huts were generally very securely locked, but the perpetrators were clearly well prepared. A camper van was stolen from a drive in Plymouth Drive. One of the wooden Coast Path signs has been broken and last week a rubbish bin was burnt out by a so called disposable barbecue (cost to the Council £500). Not a good few days for the Cliff Road promenade.

News from the CAT meeting in Stubbington 22 June:

The Fareham Local Plan. At the meeting Peter Wason questioned the latest situation regarding the borough's 5-year housing supply figures. (You will recall that, when the plan was originally submitted, against the Government's 5-year housing supply requirement, the plan showed a shortfall in availability, at 4.3 years. Then more recently, following developers' successful appeals such as that relating to building at the south-east end of Newgate Lane, plus other unexpected smaller plots around the borough, the figure was recalculated to 5.08. However the planning inspector's interim report in mid-June expressed scepticism at the deliverability of some of the figures, particularly on the plot adjacent to the railway station, and the ‘trajectory’ for the Welborne houses coming on stream.) The Council Executive Leader, Cllr Woodward, responded that the numbers being questioned only slightly reduced the total to 4.95 years-worth, representing some 34 homes short of the 5-year requirement. He added that as Welborne now had planning consent and, although much delayed from original aspirations, was up to 6 months ahead of the build rate projected in the current Local Plan, he was confident that a revised projection for Welborne could meet the 34 shortfall.

Shellfish Gatherers. Pamela Charlwood raised the subject of the shellfish gathering gangs that have returned in force (we think, from London), stressing the ecological damage, the illegality of commercially harvesting from waters that have been contaminated by sewage discharge and the possibility that the activity involves modern slavery. Cllr Woodward urged that any incidents should be reported immediately to FBC's Environmental Health department (01329 236100 ext 2401 or 07770 227155 out of working hours). If you do not manage to make contact, he asked that you should inform the police instead. As before, do let us know after you have reported it, so that we can monitor the effectiveness of the system. We are aware that some members have found it difficult to make contact or evoke any response from FBC and we made Cllr Woodward aware of that, but we should nevertheless keep on trying. Indeed, you may wish to make any officers aware that you are contacting them at the specific request of the Council leader. In a subsequent exchange of correspondence initiated by Pamela, Cllr Woodward said that the lead councillor on this matter was already in discussion with the police.

Electric Scooters. As two of our community police officers were at the meeting, another subject raised was the inconsiderate riding of electric scooters; an increasing number are seen regularly in Hill Head and Stubbington. They confirmed that they were classed as motor vehicles and therefore should not be operated on roads without licence and insurance, other than in towns and cities operating Government-sponsored trials (includes Portsmouth) and not at all on pavements. Any sightings should be reported to the police immediately. We know that it is difficult to secure an immediate response from our stretched police force, but, as with the shellfish gatherers and other antisocial behaviour, it is important to keep trying, generating sufficient reports to raise the priority. If there are areas where there are regular e-scooter users, that would be a particularly useful example to report, suggesting that the police might attend on future days at that time and location.

Ferneham Hall. As you know, the rebuild of Ferneham Hall was put on hold during the pandemic and subsequently a review to determine any changes that might be appropriate in the light of pandemic experience. A rebuild contract is being awarded and the new premises are expected to be open sometime in 2023.

Scams. No new scams to report this time. However plenty of the old ones are doing the rounds and they are increasingly more sophisticated and plausible. Be on your guard.