HHRA Constitution
Adopted February 2019
  1. Name:
    The name of the Association is The Hill Head Residents' Association


  2. Administration:
    Subject to the matters set out below the Association and its property shall be administered and managed in accordance with this constitution by members of the Committee.


  3. Objects The Association's objects are:

    • To monitor proposed developments in the area, gather local opinion and represent the interests of all residents of Hill Head in co-operation with other persons, societies and associations having similar interests.

    • To keep residents of Hill Head informed of local matters.

  4. Powers:
    In furtherance of the objects but not otherwise the Committee may exercise the following powers:

    • Power to raise funds and to invite and receive contributions provided that in raising funds the Committee shall not undertake any substantial permanent trading activities and shall conform to any relevant requirements of the law.

    • Power to co-operate with other charities, associations, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities operating in furtherance of the objects or of similar purposes and to exchange information and advice with them.

    • Power to establish or support any charitable trusts, associations or institutions formed for all or any of the objects.

    • Power to do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the objects.

  5. Membership:

    • Membership of the Association shall be open to any person living in the Hill Head area over the age of 18 years interested in furthering the objects and who has paid the annual subscription laid down from time to time by the Committee.

    • Every member or household paying a single subscription shall have one vote.

    • The Committee may by unanimous vote and for good reason terminate the membership of any individual: Provided that the individual concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.

  6. Honorary Officers:
    At the annual general meeting of the Association the members shall elect from amongst themselves a chairman, a membership secretary and a treasurer, who shall hold office from the conclusion of that meeting.


  7. Committee:

    • The Committee shall consist of not fewer than 5 members nor more than 7 members including the honorary officers specified above.

    • The Committee may in addition appoint not more than 2 co-opted members. Each appointment of a co-opted member shall be made at a special meeting of the Committee and shall take effect from the end of that meeting.

    • All the members of the Committee shall retire from office together at the end of the annual general meeting next after the date on which they came into office but they may be re-elected or re-appointed.

    • The proceedings of the Committee shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among their number provided that the conditions of paragraph 13 below are met.

  8. Determination of Membership of the Committee:
    A member of the Committee shall cease to hold office if he or she:

    • is disqualified from acting as a member by virtue of the Charities Act 2016;

    • becomes incapable by reason of mental disorder, illness or injury of managing and administering his or her own affairs;

    • is absent from all their meetings held within a period of six months without submitting a reason or gaining the permission of the Committee and the Committee resolve that his or her office be vacated, or

    • notifies to the Committee a wish to resign (but only if at least three members of the Committee will remain in office when the notice of resignation is to take effect).

  9. Meetings and proceedings of the Committee:

    • The Committee shall hold at least four ordinary meetings each year. A special meeting may be called at any time by the Chairman or by any two members of the Committee upon not fewer than 4 days' notice being given to the other members of the Committee of the matters to be discussed.

    • The Chairman shall act as Chairman at meetings of the Committee. If the Chairman is absent from any meeting, the members of the Committee present shall choose one of their number to be Chairman of the meeting before any other business is transacted.

    • There shall be a quorum when at least one third of the number of members of the committee for the time being or three members of the Committee, whichever is greater, are present at a meeting.

    • Every matter shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members of the Committee present and voting on the question but in the case of equality of votes the Chairman of the Committee shall have a second or casting vote.

    • The Committee shall keep minutes, in books kept for the purpose, of the proceedings at meetings.

    • The Committee may from time to time make and alter rules for the conduct of their business, the summoning and conduct of their meetings and the custody of documents. No rule may be made which is inconsistent with this constitution.

  10. Receipts and expenditure:

    • The funds of the Association, including all donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into an account operated by the Committee in the name of the Association at such bank as the Committee shall from time to time decide. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by at least two members of the Committee.

    • The funds belonging to the Association shall be applied only in furthering the objects.

  11. Accounts:
    The Committee shall comply with the Charities Act 2016 with regards to:

    • the keeping of accounting records for the Association.

    • the preparation of annual statements of account for the Association.

    • the independent examination of the statements of account of the Association.

  12. General Data Protection Regulations:
    The committee shall maintain a Data Protection Policy which will be appended to this constitution in due course.


  13. Annual General Meeting:

    • There shall be an annual general meeting of the Association which shall be held in the month of January in each year or as soon as practicable thereafter.

    • Every annual general meeting shall be called by the Committee. Notice of the annual general meeting will be posted on the website at least 21 days before the meeting and included in the electronic and/or paper calling notices for the meeting circulated to all members. All members of the Association shall be entitled to attend and vote at the meeting.

    • The chairman shall be the chairman of the annual general meeting but if he or she is not present, before any other business is transacted, the persons present shall appoint a chairman of the meeting.

    • The committee shall present to each annual general meeting the report and accounts for the preceding year.

    • Nominations for election to the Committee must be made by members of the Association in writing and must be in the hands of the Chairman of the Committee before the annual general meeting. Should nominations exceed vacancies, elections shall be by ballot.

  14. Special General Meetings:
    The Committee may call a special general meeting of the Association at any time, If at least ten members request such a meeting in writing stating the business to be considered the Chairman shall call a meeting. At least 21 days' notice must be given. The notice must state the business to be discussed.


  15. Procedure at General Meetings:

    • The secretary or other person specially appointed by the Committee shall keep a full record of proceedings at every general meeting of the Association.

    • There shall be a quorum when at least one tenth of the number of members of the Association for the time being or ten members of the Association, whichever is the greater, are present at any general meeting.

  16. Alterations to the Constitution:
    The Constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by no less than two thirds of the members present and voting at a general meeting. The notice of the general meeting must include notice of the resolution; electronic copies of the terms of the alteration proposed will be circulated with the notice of the meeting, with hard copies available at the meeting.


  17. Dissolution:
    If the Committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Association it shall call a meeting of all members of the Association, of which not less than 21 days' notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given. If the proposal is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting the Committee shall have power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of the Association. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other charitable institution or institutions having objects similar to the object of the Association as the members of the Association may determine or failing that shall be applied for some other charitable purpose.