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HHRA Update 30 May 2022

Stubbington Bypass. At last the bypass is opening this week - and may already be open by the time you read this. We have been unable to give you advance alert because there has been some uncertainty as to the exact date. We understand that temporary traffic lights will be in operation for a while at each end and also at the Titchfield Road/Bridge Street junction. It has been a long saga, with a nine-month delay created by a late objection forcing a public enquiry and very nearly causing the funding deadline to be missed. Our then Chairman, Bill Hutchison, made a significant contribution to the enquiry.

Stubbington Roundabouts. Now that the Bypass is open, for the purpose of taking the bulk of through traffic, work will commence shortly to re-style the two main roundabouts to create greater safety for pedestrians and cyclists. We are pleased to note that our and our county councillor's strong submissions to retain the two traffic lanes entering from Stubbington Lane have been heeded.

Recycling Plastic Bottle Tops. There has been some confusion as to whether plastic bottle tops can be recycled in Fareham. We can confirm that they can - so just leave them on but very loosely screwed up so that the bottles don't burst under the lorry's crusher. This has been confirmed by FBC’s Recycling Co-ordinator and is contrary to what is stated on any ‘recycling feedback cards’ you may see hung on bins. (Would you believe - the Fareham staff tell us that some people are still putting food, black bin-liners and even nappies in the recycle bins!)

Overflying. A reminder that planes from Solent airport are overflying residential areas, you should report it. Please see www.hhra.org.uk Local Information, Community Safety. Please let us know on hillheadra@gmail.com

Update on Rape on Footbridge in Fareham. You will recall our reporting on this horrible case. On 25 May, 39 year-old John Horne was jailed for raping a young woman on the footbridge by the station.

Crime Reporting - National Survey. A national survey has been launched to understand more about the public's experiences when contacting the police. We are being asked to give police chiefs our views on contacting our local forces on 999 or 101. For more details the link is https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/CrimeReporting-National-Public-Contact-Survey-APCC/

Community Action Team Meeting. The next local CAT meeting, when we receive updates from Fareham Borough Council's leader and have the chance to ask questions and have our say, will be at Holy Rood church hall on Wednesday 22 June from 7.00 to 8.30pm.

Scams. "Congratulations, you have been selected for a free trial of a Dyson...."

Next Members' Open Meeting - Monday 13 June, 8pm, Church Hall, Bells Lane. Our guest speaker Robin Ward will tell us about the multi-million pound Southsea Sea Defences Project.

The following meeting will be on Monday 5 September when we will have not just one but two speakers on two projects with very local links.

Platinum Jubilee. We wish everyone a really enjoyable celebration of Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee.


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