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HHRA Update 30 July 2022

Public Meeting on Plan to Build 1250 Homes south of Longfield Avenue.

As you know, Suella Braverman and Caroline Dinenage held a meeting with local residents on 22 July. Our councillors were present and Peter Wason represented HHRA. Unsurprisingly, not one there was in favour of the development and the MPs' strong concerns about the impacts upon our green space, the Fareham - Stubbington strategic gap and on our local infrastructure were echoed by many who spoke.

One aspect that stimulated considerable discussion was that it was thought that the Office for National Statistics was in process of amending the predicted future UK population figures, but this time downwards. PW raised what was obviously the critical factor - if there was any possibility of consequential reduction in home-building numbers handed down to Fareham, would any new figures be published in time before Fareham had to deal with the planning application(s)?

After further discussion, the MPs undertook, with unanimous agreement, to "Call In" this situation, which means that they will ask for urgent and personal review by the Secretary of State.

The situation seems far from clear and there is little room for optimism. However "Calling in" is a very substantial action and we can only await the outcome. We will of course keep you updated with any new information on this sensitive issue.

20 mph Speed Limit Consultation. Hampshire County Council is inviting views on highway safety including 20mph speed limits. The consultation is open until 11 September and can be found at https://www.hants.gov.uk/transport/transportschemes/20mph-speed-limits-consultation .

Runway Lighting at Daedalus Airfield. Fareham Borough Council is preparing to submit a planning application to install runway lights, to help aircraft land safely during periods of poor visibility ie in the dark or during bad weather. There is still time for comments. We understand that the main intention is to facilitate winter operations in similar hours to those in summer, rather than any plan to extend to late-night flying. However you may wish to comment from a local resident's perspective that this new capability should never be permitted at some later date to extend operations into night flying. As a Fareham council tax payer you may also be interested as to how long it is estimated before the cost, understood to be around £1M, will have been recovered. For more details and to comment, see the Fareham Borough Council website.

Local Surgeries. Should anyone wish to keep informed about what is going on with their surgeries generally, or keep up to date with eg Covid advice, then Stubbington Surgery publishes a quarterly newsletter which can be found on its website - https://www.stubbingtonmedical.co.uk/pages/Practice-News ; the July newsletter from Jubilee Surgery, Titchfield, is attached.

Missed Medical Appointments. You may be interested in the following numbers from Stubbington Medical Practice. Face to face appointments in June - 1993; telephone appointments - 1928; missed appointments - 69. We have been asked to remind members, friends, neighbours gently about the need to let their surgery know ASAP if they find they are not able to attend so that the appointment can be given to someone else in need. We are told that other local surgeries experience similar numbers of missed appointments.

Seafront Bins. We are pleased to report that another bin has been provided in Salterns Car Park - adjacent to The Wheelhouse / toilets.

England Coast Path. Some will have already noticed that further wooden signs have been erected showing the Hill Head part of the England Coast Path. There are now similar signs along a 37 km stretch of the Hampshire coast showing improved public access.

Precise location in Emergencies. The Police have reminded us of the free What3Words app that can help them and the other emergency services to know exactly where the emergency is. It can be downloaded at https://what3words.com/emergency-preparedness . For information about using What3Words visit https://what3words.com/news/emergency/three-words-for-a-faster-emergency-response .


The bad guys have now turned to WhatsApp: a message, often beginning with "Hello Mum" or "Hello Dad", saying that they are texting from a new mobile number as theirs was lost / damaged etc, then asking for money. As with all texts and emails, telephone calls and doorstep calls, stop and think before making any response; then if in any doubt whatsoever check via a known legitimate number, email address or website.

Other recent ones - "We have a surprise for Dyson Vacuum customers...". Yes, you probably do! "Your Offer is waiting" - Tesco....... Oh yes?? "Internet Security - Prot_ect_Your Pc_ToDay" .


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