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HHRA Update 3 April

Arrest. As many will already know, further to the recent Police appeal and CCTV footage, a man has since been arrested on suspicion of rape regarding the office reported in Fareham West Street.

Newlands Farm Development. We understand that FBC, Hallam Land and the landowner have signed an agreement of common understanding relating to the building of 1200 or so homes immediately south of Longfield Avenue; it seems uncertain at the moment whether the figure would eventually be 1200 or 1250. You will recall from our earlier reports that the land concerned is between Peak Lane and HMS Collingwood and between Longfield Avenue and north of the Stubbington bypass, as included in the current proposed Local Plan. The development would provide local infrastructure such as a school and medical facilities. The land west of Peak Lane would be preserved long-term, also as in the Local Plan.

M27 Fareham West Junction. It can be a little confusing when first experiencing the approach from the west to Fareham West (Segensworth) junction on the new "smart" motorway. The lane for Whiteley starts half a mile or so before the junction; that lane is for Whiteley only. If wanting to proceed towards the A27, the separate exit is much later, immediately before the junction as it used to be for both Whiteley and the A27. That new arrangement should offer increased safety by avoiding the previous lane-swapping between the motorway exit and the roundabout.

Home Security - Free Police Check for Over 65s. Many of you may already know this through your neighbourhood Watch nets. The Blue Lamp Trust offers free home security and fire safety visits and advice to over 65s and other vulnerable residents, by a police-vetted fitter who would offer advice and if necessary offer to fit security/safety items. This is a free service. More details of the "Bobby Scheme" can be accessed via its website https://bluelamptrust.org.uk/bobby-scheme-landingpage/ or telephone 03007770157.

Scams. 1. From ‘GOV uk’ –Vehicle tax invoice number ... To access your invoice click here’ etc. Signed ‘Deputy Chief Executive and Second Permanent Secretary’. 2. ‘You have been in contact with someone who has tested positive with the new Coronavirus variant’ - or similar. 3. ‘Your xxxx computer virus/malware protection is about to expire ..... renew now for discount.....etc’ 4. Message from ‘TV Licensing’ Your licence is about to expire. Please set up a new Direct Debit to stay licensed.TV Licensing id:


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