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HHRA Update 17 May 2022

Planned Temporary Closure of Eastleigh-Fareham Railway Line. The line between Eastleigh and Fareham will be closed for nine days fromSaturday 25 June to Sunday 4 July inclusive. This is to make urgent and major repairs to the cutting leading to the Fareham tunnel. It is very old and steep-sided and travellers will no doubt recall that previous landslips have caused emergency closures. The opportunity will be taken to make other improvements to that stretch of line. A bus service and train diversions will be operating throughout.

Swimming Safety. As the number of those using the sea locally for their enjoyment increases, we have been in touch with the Commodore of Hill Head Sailing Club (HHSC) to discuss the safety of swimmers in the harbour area in front of the Cliff Road beach huts. We are grateful to the Commodore for his swift and constructive response, following some recent concerns. The attached guidance has been agreed by the HHSC committee and may be of use to all who use this area.

Southern Water in Old Street and Knights Bank Road. As some of our members are only too well aware, the recurrent problem with the sewer and pumping station in this area has continued and HHRA has raised our concerns with the Chief Executive of Southern Water. We did receive an immediate response from him and a follow up acknowledgement from ‘the Executive Review Team’, but we shall keep pressing for a clear plan of action. We are grateful to those members who have raised concerns direct with the company – the more voices that are heard, the better. The phone numbers for Southern Water are: 0330 303 0223 for complaints; 0330 303 0368 for emergencies.

The Rainbow Bar project is an initiative led by local volunteers to research the prehistory of the area and they have offered the following information:

‘We are in particular exploring Rainbow Bar near Titchfield Haven, which is a prehistoric site of national importance that has not until now received the attention it deserves.

We are working with and supported by the Hampshire Cultural Trust, the Lithics Society, the Stubbington and Hill Head History Society and the University of Southampton.

· We have been involving local schools in excavations and developing and providing teaching and learning materials for Key Stage 2.

· Hosted by Titchfield Haven, we are putting on an exhibition on Titchfield Haven and Hill Head Hill Head in the stone age for the Festival of Archaeology 16th – 31st July.

· We are developing with SHHHS guided walks and a history of the intertidal archaeology and history of the foreshore from Daedalus to Solent Breezes’.

HHRA will keep its members in touch with this interesting work and we plan to include the project as one of the topics for our September meeting (see below).

Stokes Bay Diving Museum is to receive a £237,000 grant from the Government's Capital Investment programme.

Scams. A text or email ‘You have been in close contact with a person who has contracted the Omicron variant. Please order a test kit via .....’ It offers a free kit with a 99p delivery charge - which probably subsequently turns into £99.

An elderly lady was approached by a woman last week outside the village library; told that she had knocked into another car; woman offered to show her; the other car was marked up with something the same colour of the lady's car to look as though it had indeed been knocked. Woman offered to call her in the morning; called and offered to accept cash payment rather than affect the lady's no claims discount, mentioned that the original conversation had been recorded and that the lady had offered to pay; persuaded the lady to give her bank account details. You may think that it sounds unlikely that someone would fall for that, but we certainly know of others who, under pressure of the moment, have been conned in that kind of way.

Virtually all of the scams that we report have been experienced by HHRA members or other locals.

Some good news - HHRA Banking and Subscriptions. After some intensive effort by our new Treasurer Carol Gill and Co-Chair Pamela, we have at last found a bank - Lloyds - willing to provide an account for an organisation like ours and to accept members’ subscription payments electronically. Some final details need to be established, but we anticipate being able to start shortly. So in advance of next year's subs, members will be able to set up direct transfers and no longer have to take their envelopes round to one of us. Meanwhile the new system should cater for new joiners during the year. Further details will be announced as soon as possible.

Forthcoming open meetings. The next open meeting will be at 8pm on Monday 13 June in the Catholic church hall Bells Lane PO14 2PL. The speaker will be from the massive engineering project underway from Portsmouth Harbour to South Parade Pier, The Southsea Coastal Scheme.

The next meeting will be 8pm Monday 5 September, featuring Hollie Luff and colleagues from the In Our Element Ocean Rowing Team as they prepare to row the Atlantic, raising awareness of the damage that plastic pollution is causing to our environment and also raising funds for research. The second topic that evening will be the Rainbow Bar project mentioned above. Please put both dates in your diaries.


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