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HHRA Update 14 April 2022

Updated: May 6

Daedalus Waterfront Regeneration. Homes England, the owner of the Daedalus waterfront, has finally after a long scrutiny period been able to select contractors for redevelopment of the waterfront area. It will include restoration of historic buildings, new employment and commercial units and community spaces. After years of neglect, finally a first but positive step.

Hampshire County Council Consultation on Local Transport Plan. We know from the recent Q & A session with our councillors that our members are interested in a range of transport issues. HCC is now consulting on its Local Transport Plan and you can comment up to 26 June via the following link – please do!AHAVE YOUR SAY SAY

Postage Stamps. As we advised a few weeks ago, Royal Mail's swap-out scheme for 1st and 2nd class stamps without barcodes has now opened. Anyone who has a large number of old stamps that they will not use before they become invalid at the end of this year should go to https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2022/03stamps--swap-out--scheme-opens-today--here-s-everything-you-nee/ You do not need to exchange Christmas stamps or special ones with pictures as they will continue to be valid.

Medical Tablet Foil Collections. The red box that a kind member sets out in their front porch at 36 Old Street on Mondays will not be out on Easter Monday. This very successful scheme will be back in operation on the following Monday. It is good to know that, following a recent episode when other waste was also dumped in the box, donations have returned to normal.

Scams. One reported earlier seems to still to be very prolific - at present I (PW) am receiving one or more every day! An email saying that your security/anti virus protection software subscription/renewal is now due/overdue etc - need to.....They claim to be from McAfee/Norton, Total Protection etc.

Beware fake web sites pretending to be those of legitimate charities, at the moment particularly those focussed on Ukraine. Those being copied include British Red Cross, UNICEF and a children's hospital; no doubt there are others. Do look carefully at the range of sites offered by your browser then double-check that the main pages and logo are in the correct colour, font, etc and that text is grammatically correct.

Last year over 20,000 people in the UK fell victim to "remote access" scams, losing nearly £58m, an average loss per victim of nearly £3,000. Such scams often begin with a browser pop-up saying that your computer is infected with a virus, or possibly a phone call from "your bank" saying that they need to connect to your computer to cancel a fraudulent transaction. NEVER install software following an unsolicited call, browser pop-up or text message; a bank or service provider will never contact you out of the blue like that. If you are contacted in any way by someone purporting to be from your bank or service provider, close the interaction and then contact the genuine organisation via a known legitimate number or email address or website. As appropriate do also report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via actionfraud.police.uk .

Similar attempts to access your bank account purport to be from online shopping organisations such as Amazon; indeed one particularly active scam tells you that you have been signed up to Amazon Prime but to cancel click....

And finally - Membership and Subscriptions. Thanks to those who have responded to Pamela Charlwood's recent message and now paid their outstanding subs. Still 29 remaining as we type….. We have mentioned this before and this time it is prompted by a remark to Peter Wason when a member called to pay. We are aware that some members kindly pass on our Updates to friends and neighbours who are not members and they are clearly valued. So why not mention that maybe they should think about joining HHRA and receiving those and other benefits "officially"! After all, it's only £3 per year per household.


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